Free Zone - Skills Exchange /// "workshop of clay"
Hello my friends,today ,26/11, the NGO "European Village". within the initiative "Free Zone-Skills exchange" is organized a workshop of clay. We will learn how to use this material and make our own nice pieces of art.The only think that is needed is will to participate and 1 kilo or a half of clay (you can find easy in several stores, you just ask for clay that dries by itself).
The workshop will start at 18:00 and it will last for 2 hours. Afterwards we go all together to a concert of "Fat Haris" for good music and free beer :)
More info you can find to our website: www.european-village.org.You can call also Jana at 6984946265 to arrange a meeting(meeting point is at 18:15 in FRONT OF ENTRANCE TO KERAMIKOS METRO STATION neares "periptero"in Keramikos station0), so you can come together and also to order clay if you cannot buy by yourselves.



3rd invitation for Freezone workshop!
Lets make bracelets together!
WHERE? 12.11.2008
TIME? 18:30 - 21:30
meeting point is at 18:15 in front of entrance to park/ squere in Keramikos station, }
WHERE? European village, Aggistis 4, Votanikos, 11855, Athens, GreeceNOTE:for newcomers etc..small contribution to material {needles,sewings, threads.} will be 2.50 euros.



Second invitation for everybody who doesnt like stereotypes!
Lets say no more copies, no more " made in China", no more style labels.Who needs it? Just killful hands, pure imagination, little bit of patient and lots of fun. Results will be guaranteed visible!
WHAT? Making recycling money wallets, ciggarets wallets, cover for mobile and more and more decorated with your favourite pictures, posters, words..
WHEN? Wednesday October 29,2008
TIME? 18:30 - 21:30
{ meeting point is at 18:15 in front of entrance in Keramikos station, direction Akropuli } WHERE? European village, Aggistis 4, Votanikos, 11855, Athens, Greece
WHAT TO BRING? newspaper, magazines, favourite pictures, paper collage, posters, leaflets..
NOTE:for newcomers etc..small contribution to material {plastic foil,needles,special sewings, glue.} will be 2.50 euros.



well,well,well, well, well....
Our first creative workshop was done. And if I can say- was succesfull. Thanks to Isabels efforts at the end everyone made one new, fashenable piece of wallet which can proundly show on the public without fear that somebody else will have same,because its impossible! So if you would also like to own 100 % original handmade piece of accessory the easyest way is to join us every wednesday in European village center.


FREEZONE, Edra creative workshops

"FREEZONE" Edra creative workshops in European village centrum Date: Wednesday October 22,2008 Time: 18:30 till approx. 21:30 Meeting poin: 18:15 IN FRONT OF ENTRANCE IN KERAMIKOS STATION. Location: European village, Aggistis 4, Votanikos, 11855 Athens, Greece fee: approx.2 euros Hi! i would like to invite you on first from Edra's creative workshop in European village centrum. Isabel is going to show us how to make recycling wallets! So if you can,bring some papers, magazines, favourite picures, scissors and good mood. see you there!


Projections of Euro 2008 at European Village

VIDEO FORUM EURO 2008 Projections!!!

“European Village” and “evsactually" (supported by EVS of EDRA) are happy to invite you to the video projections that will be held for important games of the European Football Championship! The projections will be on the terrace of the

European Village Centre ‘ Neverland’ in Aggistis 4, Keramikos, Athens. (very near to Keramikos metro station – cross the train lines and the street is parallel to the main road by the train lines on the left)

The programme of the projects games is as follows:

07/06 21:45 Portugal - Turkey

09/06 21:45 Netherlands - Italy

10/06 19:00 Spain - Russia

10/06 21:45 Greece - Sweden

13/06 21:45 Netherlands - France

14/06 19:00 Sweden - Spain

14/06 21:45 Greece- Russia

17/06 21:45 France - Italy

18/06 21:45 Greece - Spain

We will inform you later on for finals projections See you there!!

European Village and evsactually For more information contact:

Christo: cosmo_12232@yahoo.com

Our participation in Communications without Barriers training in Spain

One of our volunteers, Carolien from Netherland represented us on a youth training in Spain. here is what she thought of it!
Who: I participated in a training in Elche Communications without Bariers from 11-18 May 2008 Elche. There where people from France, Letvia, Croatia, Czec Republic, Eslovania, Bulgaria, Ukrania, Italy, Ukrania, Hungaria, Greece, Serbia. For me it was good to meet people from East Europe and to get to know them. Usely I don’t meet people from these country’s so it was intresting to see how the live and behaive.
What: We got a training to learn more about computers. We learn how to make a database, webblog, webpage, work with open office.
Where: the training was in Elche near Alicante in Spain.
When: the training was 11-18-May 2008 Elche.
What did I learn: I learn more about computers in de training, and how to work with them. For me it was interesting because I didn’t now how to make a webpage, database or a Webb log. We also learn how to make a presentation with open office. We had lessons in an internet café. Sometimes it was a bit hard. Because the lesson was going a bit fast and the teacher spoke in English. In your own launge things are easier to understand.



Another of the famous EVS Party is on its way!!! Celebrating the arrival of more volunteers we will be happy to see you all there!! Regards


1st EVS Football Championship

The 1st EVS Championship is over. We want to thank you all for participating and coming to support us. We also want to thank Brice, our Leonardo Da Vinci for organising it from A to Z and also Mr Perakis from the city of Agii Anargiri that offered us for free the football ground of the city. You can see at the video of this post the highlights of the championship that had it all! Goals, passion, champagne and laugh! The winner? PIKPA won all matches and demonstrated that fairly they are the 1st EVS Football Champions in Greece! Regards to all!


Report: "And What Now?" Seminar, Czech Republic

Four members (Kostas Spatiotis: Trainer and Isabel Maldonado, Ana De La Guia and Brice Bodin: Participants) of our organisation took part in a seminar organised by Hodina H in Pelhrimov of Czech Republic. The objective of the seminar was to exchange practices and ideas concerning what after EVS! A question that is very apparent in many volunteers that are about to finish their european voluntary service and not only. Three days, full of working activities, talking, exchanging, sharing and resulting in some amazing results. Needless to say that once more we realised that an EVS experience means a lot. 6-12 months of constant learning that one way or the other can be applicable in our suture lives. We came up at the end with a methodology that soon we will be able to share with you online. The most important thing...This seminar was developed totally by an ex-evs volnuteer in Hodina H..Jesus!!! So.......THANK YOU JESUS! So come back! ...and regards once more to all!


1st EVS Football Championship

Important Information

When: Sunday 4th of May 2008 from 11:00 to 19:00!!!!

Where: City of Agii Anargiri (Athens) football ground – Katsoni Street

Who: 5 teams of 7 at least players (make sure you have substitutes as well!!) Anyone involved in the EVS world can take part!!

Teams should be mixed! (girls and boys). In all games, all teams should have at least one boy and at least one girl playing!

How: The five teams will compete against each other in one day in a championship. The team that will get most points (Win=3 points, Draw=1 point, Loose=0points) will be the winner. Every game will take 20 minutes.

Price: There will be a cup for the 1st team, medals for the first three and diplomas for everyone!

Notes: Make sure you have a name for your team and also wear the same colour of t-shirts!

If there are any teams outside Athens that wish to participate we are sad to say that they have to arrange their accommodation on their own

Contact Brice Bodin to ask for a participant's application and for more information!!!


Free Online Leadership Course

Are you young and active?

Would you like to be trained in leadership?

This is your opportunity…

RESPECT Refugiados, together with partners from all over Europe (Social Cooperative Activities for Minority Groups - "EDRA" is one of them), and supported by the Council of Europe, has created a training tailored for young people who are, or would like to be, active in youth organizations.

This training is based on key organizational and project concepts, and includes a number of activities which you may use to practice ideas that you would have learnt…

Key benefits of the training:

- The training is FREE for all participants from Council of Europe member and observer states

- The training content is user-friendly and practical

- The training manual is downloadable for OFFLINE use

- Each module contains small exercises to apply your knowledge

- At the end of the training there is a test that will evaluate your overall knowledge

- You will receive a CERTIFICATE upon passing the final test

For more information log onto www.europeanyouthtraining.com.

Register on-line and begin the training!

Good luck!


our volunteers words (Sophie - UK, Carolien - Netherlands, Marco-Italy)


Dear All,

Welcome to your EVS experience! My name is Sophie, I am 21 and I am a new volunteer here in Greece. I am originally from England and decided to come to Greece to gain experience in the area of mental health as I have just finished my degree in psychology. Being on EVS in a different country can be very stressful as it is the first time away from home for many people, I think I have adapted to it quite well but everyone has their up days and their down ones. Luckily there is a large support network made up of EDRA employees, as well as my other flatmates who are great!!!

When I first got here and saw the kind of work I would be doing, it was a bit shocking and I did have a couple of second thoughts about what I was doing here! Luckily they have passed and I now love what I am doing! The language differences are quite difficult to overcome, but the best form of communication is body language anyway so really there’s not that much of a problem.

All-in-all, this is a really good project and you should seriously consider applying for it!!! All the best and hopefully I’ll see you soon!!!


Expertations of on EVS vulenteer:

Hello my name is Carolien and I’m from the Netherlands in Rotterdam. So far I like Athens really much and I think the six mont’s that I stay here will be great!

I’m now almost 3 weeks in Athens. Before I came I had some expectations. I choose for a project in mental-health because as a nurse I don’t have so much experience in this field.

I expect that in this six monts I can learn a lot:

- How the Greek health system works.

- How is the Greek culture.

- Learn from the different nationalities that I meet (flatmates).

- Learn how to work with mental-health disabilities.

Bye, bye

Greetings Carolien


Hi people!!!!!!!!!

I m Marco, from Italy……

Finally I m here, to work, to know, to LIVE!!!!!!!!

Athens especially, it is like a bomb for my eyes……because I love to make photos…….

THIS IS MY WORLD…and if I think that in the beginning I’d like to go back



And thanks to everybody for every days…..

Καλά, πάμε!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until September…………

Im so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy……and if someone wants to write me, mine e-mail is zhazha23@libero.it

BACIO GRANDE!!!!!!!!!!!(Μεγάλο φύλακα) ITALIA ITALIA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco Stalteri………or ZHAZHA!!!!!!!!


a little video from our carnabal party

Last Friday we had a carnabal party in the day care centre of EDRA. A great party!!! All EVS and other local volunteers were there and we want to thank the people that organised it and made it true!


2nd Video Night

Dear Friends,

We have the pleasure to invite all of you on our Second Video Session.

The session will take place in the main offices of EDRA

(Gastounis& Goumenitsis 14,Peristeri)

Tuesday 26th of February at 20:00 o'clock.

The meeting point for those that don't know how to get to the offices will be at Agios Antonios Metro Station at the Church Side at 19:30 .

THE MOVIE Euroflirt (L' auberge espagnol)

As part of a job that he is promised, Xavier, an economics student in his twenties, signs on to a European exchange program in order to gain working knowledge of the Spanish language. Promising that they'll remain close, he says farewell to his loving girlfriend, then heads to Barcelona. Following his arrival, Xavier is soon thrust into a cultural melting pot when he moves into an apartment full of international students. An Italian, an English girl, a boy from Denmark, a young girl from Belgium, a German and a girl from Tarragona all join him in a series of adventures that serve as an initiation to life.

actors: Romain Duris Audrey Tautou Kelly Reilly

language: french, spanish

subtitles: english

duration: 116min

a few words from one volunteer (Jorge)

Hello, my name is Jorge, I'm 26 years old and I come from Portugal. I'm here in athens since the 15th of January for doing an evs Program at EDRA for 6 months. The motivations that lead me to enter this adventure were basicaly to participate in a project that i could be useful and give/receive experience. it didn't have nothing to do with my work area (environmental engineering). And what else do i have to say in this short period of time that i'm here? OK, the people of EDRA are fantastic, they support-me in everything, i live in the center of Athens with other volunters from diferent nationalities, and thats all folks! PS: why didn't i do this before?


Invitation to a Training - GATA

What is GATA?
G.A.T.A - Give Action Take Attraction (GATA) is a training course for young people and youth workers about implementation and innovation of non-formal education methods in Youth in Action projects
Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain
4 participants from each country;
Able to speak and understand in English;
With interest and motivation to learn, to cooperate and enjoy.
GATA is addressed to youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, coordinators, organisers of international projects and people who every day work wth internationalYouth in Action programme and use or want to use non formal education
When? Where?
Saturday 8th to Saturday 15th of March 2008
(8 days including arrival and departure days)
The preparation the realisation and the evaluation of the project will be held in TerraNEON in Larissa,
Thessalia Region, Greece.
TerraNEON is the intercultural space of learning and technology of Youth Mobility Centre
TerraNEON is adaptable.
Flight destination: Athens (ATH) or Thessaloniki (SKG)
Aim of GATA
To improve and increase the quality of international youth projects by innovative non-formal education
methods, through:
the use of new methods, realizing objectives with more diverse resources;
sharing experience of used training tools from lasting trainings and ones used in preceding projects from each group;
rising of the activity of the young people in projects, through the selection of suitable methods to every group, the more active, more educated young people the better realized project objectives;
the personal development of the trainers , leaders, youth- workers being a part of the project;
sharing methods.
Objectives of GATA
to inform about the Youth in Action Programme
to create new youth projects
to innovate character of working methods, themes and target groups
skills, qualifications and personal development of the participants
Youth PASS
GATA training course leads to Youth Pass. Youth pass will be issued by the partner organisations with the cooperation of the participants. Non formal group TerraNEON has participated in special training in issuing Youth Pass.
How to participate in GATA?
All participants have to fill in and send the attached registration form by email
before Friday 15th February 2008 to TerraNEON@gmail.com
More information about GATA?
Organization TerraNEON
Contact Person Kostas Karnavas
Telephone/fax +302 410 618 890
E-mail TerraNEON@gmail.com
Mobile Phone +306 974 807 006


a few words from one volunteer (Aleksandra)

This was the first word that I hear and learn when I arrived in Athens… my EVS, my world… Till now I am 6 months here doing my EVS in EDRA and I really enjoy the time here. The beginning was hard and difficult for me, everything new and without my friends and colleges from work. New work and without any Greek knowledge about the language and lost in the space… Τι κανείς … was adapting my self and I was meeting people from everywhere I start to open my self and research what Athens and EDRA can do for us. Step by step I found my EVS as a right choice that I made because I change my self completely... and I realize that we are all different but in the same time all equal... Πολύ καλά... These are the words that can explain how I am feeling now when I am doing my extension because I love my work here and enjoy the time with my friends here...
Ευχαριστώ... To mine organisation and to mine friends for accepting and supporting me completely!!!
Τα λέμε!!!!!
Post written by Aleksandra Georgievska, EVS volunteer in EDRA, who is enjoying the time in Athens for six months …working with people with special needs and making their life more interesting!!!


Our first Video Forum...

Yesterday in the evening we had our first video forum organised by Kostas and Alexandra (EVS volunteer from F.Y.R.O.M. We had the chance to see three videos of different themes made by Hristo Neko . The first one was a presentation video of the future capital (www.art4more.blogspot.com) of our two ex-evs volunteers Miranda and Isabel. The second one was a video prepared for a youth exchange in Latvia (Art in the Cement Forest) where five different young people living in Greece (Maria, Fotini, Panos, Isabel and Hristo) presented the way they see Athens. The third one was a short movie prepared by Hristo for his course of filming. Although we experienced some technical difficulties it was a great first attempt that motivated us to do it again and again and again...each time better. Come back to us, as we will publish our video forums and everyone can come! Regards!!


EVS opportunity in Cardiff, Wales

Dear all!
We do not only host volunteers but we also send! One of our great partners, ICP from Cardiff, is preparing a group EVS in their host projects. We, as a sending organisation, will send one volunteer to one of their projects. The activities are related to health and social exclusion and ICP is one of the organisations we are always happy to send volunteers!
The projects are:
All projects last 6 months and start between 22nd of July of 2008 up to 6th of April 2009. If you are interested contact Konstantinos Spatiotis expressing your interest with a CV and motivation letter.
If you want more information about EVS consult the "EVS INFO KIT"...
Regards to all!


Our new EI Ref - 2008-GR-8

After a lot of thinking and with enthousiasm reaching high levels we have submitted our new EI ref and it has been accepted. Our previous EVS project (2007-GR-47) was concerned with the activities of the service users of our structures...assisting, helping our professional to give a more qualitative service to them through enrichment of routine and creative activities. Our new project has a different target group. Since we have professionals of EVS working in EDRA we thought of creating a centre with activities for EVS volunteers that are in Greece and also for the youths of the local community. 2008-GR-8 is here to stay. What does it involve?

-EVS Multilingual Library

-EVS in Greece Newsletter

-EDRA-EVS Blog maintenance

-Free hugs

-Creative competitions and exhibitions

-Forums (theatre, video, juggling, language, craftwork, music, dancing, non formal education)

-Youth Information for Youth in Action

-Youth Coaching!

Please visit us soon when we will have published the dates of the positions for this project! Regards to all!