Projections of Euro 2008 at European Village

VIDEO FORUM EURO 2008 Projections!!!

“European Village” and “evsactually" (supported by EVS of EDRA) are happy to invite you to the video projections that will be held for important games of the European Football Championship! The projections will be on the terrace of the

European Village Centre ‘ Neverland’ in Aggistis 4, Keramikos, Athens. (very near to Keramikos metro station – cross the train lines and the street is parallel to the main road by the train lines on the left)

The programme of the projects games is as follows:

07/06 21:45 Portugal - Turkey

09/06 21:45 Netherlands - Italy

10/06 19:00 Spain - Russia

10/06 21:45 Greece - Sweden

13/06 21:45 Netherlands - France

14/06 19:00 Sweden - Spain

14/06 21:45 Greece- Russia

17/06 21:45 France - Italy

18/06 21:45 Greece - Spain

We will inform you later on for finals projections See you there!!

European Village and evsactually For more information contact:

Christo: cosmo_12232@yahoo.com

Our participation in Communications without Barriers training in Spain

One of our volunteers, Carolien from Netherland represented us on a youth training in Spain. here is what she thought of it!
Who: I participated in a training in Elche Communications without Bariers from 11-18 May 2008 Elche. There where people from France, Letvia, Croatia, Czec Republic, Eslovania, Bulgaria, Ukrania, Italy, Ukrania, Hungaria, Greece, Serbia. For me it was good to meet people from East Europe and to get to know them. Usely I don’t meet people from these country’s so it was intresting to see how the live and behaive.
What: We got a training to learn more about computers. We learn how to make a database, webblog, webpage, work with open office.
Where: the training was in Elche near Alicante in Spain.
When: the training was 11-18-May 2008 Elche.
What did I learn: I learn more about computers in de training, and how to work with them. For me it was interesting because I didn’t now how to make a webpage, database or a Webb log. We also learn how to make a presentation with open office. We had lessons in an internet cafĂ©. Sometimes it was a bit hard. Because the lesson was going a bit fast and the teacher spoke in English. In your own launge things are easier to understand.