Report: "And What Now?" Seminar, Czech Republic

Four members (Kostas Spatiotis: Trainer and Isabel Maldonado, Ana De La Guia and Brice Bodin: Participants) of our organisation took part in a seminar organised by Hodina H in Pelhrimov of Czech Republic. The objective of the seminar was to exchange practices and ideas concerning what after EVS! A question that is very apparent in many volunteers that are about to finish their european voluntary service and not only. Three days, full of working activities, talking, exchanging, sharing and resulting in some amazing results. Needless to say that once more we realised that an EVS experience means a lot. 6-12 months of constant learning that one way or the other can be applicable in our suture lives. We came up at the end with a methodology that soon we will be able to share with you online. The most important thing...This seminar was developed totally by an ex-evs volnuteer in Hodina H..Jesus!!! So.......THANK YOU JESUS! So come back! ...and regards once more to all!


1st EVS Football Championship

Important Information

When: Sunday 4th of May 2008 from 11:00 to 19:00!!!!

Where: City of Agii Anargiri (Athens) football ground – Katsoni Street

Who: 5 teams of 7 at least players (make sure you have substitutes as well!!) Anyone involved in the EVS world can take part!!

Teams should be mixed! (girls and boys). In all games, all teams should have at least one boy and at least one girl playing!

How: The five teams will compete against each other in one day in a championship. The team that will get most points (Win=3 points, Draw=1 point, Loose=0points) will be the winner. Every game will take 20 minutes.

Price: There will be a cup for the 1st team, medals for the first three and diplomas for everyone!

Notes: Make sure you have a name for your team and also wear the same colour of t-shirts!

If there are any teams outside Athens that wish to participate we are sad to say that they have to arrange their accommodation on their own

Contact Brice Bodin to ask for a participant's application and for more information!!!


Free Online Leadership Course

Are you young and active?

Would you like to be trained in leadership?

This is your opportunity…

RESPECT Refugiados, together with partners from all over Europe (Social Cooperative Activities for Minority Groups - "EDRA" is one of them), and supported by the Council of Europe, has created a training tailored for young people who are, or would like to be, active in youth organizations.

This training is based on key organizational and project concepts, and includes a number of activities which you may use to practice ideas that you would have learnt…

Key benefits of the training:

- The training is FREE for all participants from Council of Europe member and observer states

- The training content is user-friendly and practical

- The training manual is downloadable for OFFLINE use

- Each module contains small exercises to apply your knowledge

- At the end of the training there is a test that will evaluate your overall knowledge

- You will receive a CERTIFICATE upon passing the final test

For more information log onto www.europeanyouthtraining.com.

Register on-line and begin the training!

Good luck!