a few words from one volunteer (Aleksandra)

This was the first word that I hear and learn when I arrived in Athens… my EVS, my world… Till now I am 6 months here doing my EVS in EDRA and I really enjoy the time here. The beginning was hard and difficult for me, everything new and without my friends and colleges from work. New work and without any Greek knowledge about the language and lost in the space… Τι κανείς … was adapting my self and I was meeting people from everywhere I start to open my self and research what Athens and EDRA can do for us. Step by step I found my EVS as a right choice that I made because I change my self completely... and I realize that we are all different but in the same time all equal... Πολύ καλά... These are the words that can explain how I am feeling now when I am doing my extension because I love my work here and enjoy the time with my friends here...
Ευχαριστώ... To mine organisation and to mine friends for accepting and supporting me completely!!!
Τα λέμε!!!!!
Post written by Aleksandra Georgievska, EVS volunteer in EDRA, who is enjoying the time in Athens for six months …working with people with special needs and making their life more interesting!!!


Our first Video Forum...

Yesterday in the evening we had our first video forum organised by Kostas and Alexandra (EVS volunteer from F.Y.R.O.M. We had the chance to see three videos of different themes made by Hristo Neko . The first one was a presentation video of the future capital (www.art4more.blogspot.com) of our two ex-evs volunteers Miranda and Isabel. The second one was a video prepared for a youth exchange in Latvia (Art in the Cement Forest) where five different young people living in Greece (Maria, Fotini, Panos, Isabel and Hristo) presented the way they see Athens. The third one was a short movie prepared by Hristo for his course of filming. Although we experienced some technical difficulties it was a great first attempt that motivated us to do it again and again and again...each time better. Come back to us, as we will publish our video forums and everyone can come! Regards!!


EVS opportunity in Cardiff, Wales

Dear all!
We do not only host volunteers but we also send! One of our great partners, ICP from Cardiff, is preparing a group EVS in their host projects. We, as a sending organisation, will send one volunteer to one of their projects. The activities are related to health and social exclusion and ICP is one of the organisations we are always happy to send volunteers!
The projects are:
All projects last 6 months and start between 22nd of July of 2008 up to 6th of April 2009. If you are interested contact Konstantinos Spatiotis expressing your interest with a CV and motivation letter.
If you want more information about EVS consult the "EVS INFO KIT"...
Regards to all!


Our new EI Ref - 2008-GR-8

After a lot of thinking and with enthousiasm reaching high levels we have submitted our new EI ref and it has been accepted. Our previous EVS project (2007-GR-47) was concerned with the activities of the service users of our structures...assisting, helping our professional to give a more qualitative service to them through enrichment of routine and creative activities. Our new project has a different target group. Since we have professionals of EVS working in EDRA we thought of creating a centre with activities for EVS volunteers that are in Greece and also for the youths of the local community. 2008-GR-8 is here to stay. What does it involve?

-EVS Multilingual Library

-EVS in Greece Newsletter

-EDRA-EVS Blog maintenance

-Free hugs

-Creative competitions and exhibitions

-Forums (theatre, video, juggling, language, craftwork, music, dancing, non formal education)

-Youth Information for Youth in Action

-Youth Coaching!

Please visit us soon when we will have published the dates of the positions for this project! Regards to all!